Windows 8.1 audio problem

I have a windows 8.1 pro system, with

gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X
AMD A10-6800K
16 GB corsair Ram
128 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
3 TB WD harddisk

The problem is, that the audio on the gigabyte motherboard stutters in windows 8.1

I have installed the drivers for the motherboard, audio, amd catalyst, newest version and have been googling for ages.

Does anyone know of a problem like this and or a solution to the problem?

I tried searching Tek Syndicate forums, but i cannot find the search function, might be derping, might not be there at all, i dont know :P

Hope you guys can help

and if anybody cares : Greetz, Emiel

if no one cares, ignore the line above

Is it just in windows 8.1? Have you had the same system with another os on it and not have these problems?

what you are suffering from is driver mismatch, Download the proper drivers for the soundchip in windows 8 package


i tried Linux mint and ubuntu on the system, they both didn't have drivers for the video onboard the AMD
also i had some performance issues on linux based os


when we bought the system, i installed the drivers from the gigabyte download page, later i tried the realtek drivers, both the same result...