Windows 7 x fi audio drivers

hey guys,

i got win 7 n trying to get my audio drivers going. I read in a previous post that someone did it by manually locating the .sys file. how do i get the sys files cuz i only get an exe file of creative.


do they have a zip folder version of the download on the site?

no :(

find someone that has the driver installed and ask them for the .sys file....

nvm. fixed it.thx guys

wat did u do to fix it?

well my problem was that my sound/mic didnt work. i downloaded the newest driver exe and extract it so i can get the files individually. in device manager, i manually pointed to the driver folder and got my sound card installed but for some reason had issues with that n didn't work properly. windows 7 found update for my drivers n i downloaded a patch from msi for my motherboard regarding xtreme audio cards n boom now ieven got my mic working again something that never happened in vista haha