Windows 7 VS Windows 8

Hey guys, I'm gonna build a gaming pc soon I was wondering wether I should just spend $100 on Windows 7 or (the cheapest I could find was) $150 on Windows 8/8.1

Is windows 7 better for gaming or windows 8?

P.S. I known tek syndicate made a windows 8 review sorta thing but I wanted second opinions :)


Windows 8/8.1 is only $100 on newegg...

I just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 Ultimate. I had updated my laptop from 8 to 8.1 preview by iso, and had inadvertently lost the product key in the process. When I then updated to 8.1, it kept bugging me about not having a legitimate product key every so often, which I tried to salvage from Lenovo and Windows and the seller of my laptop. No luck. Even though I'm using a convertible laptop, I actually like using the touchscreen more with Windows 7 than 8 - it feels much more precise, probably due to the cursor it leaves.


Outside of that, you'll probably have limited performance improvements using Windows 8 over Windows 7 - if you have great hardware, it won't make that much of a difference either way, if you're not very picky. Plus, you get to save a bunch. I got my copy of Windows 7 for $35. It works great.

Forgot to mention I'm in Australia haha

will do thanks :)

that would've been annoying, I think I'll just buy windows 7 how did you get ur copy for $35?

Looking around for alternatives. Most of the price is probably for the packaging, because the $35 went for the product key and the download link for the iso. I can't find the link now since I installed it with a different computer, but it may have been I've seen a couple references around for it, so it should be trustable.

also should I get home premium or ultimate, I read that home premium accepts 16gb of ram only if you have 64bit. Honestly this is the nubbiest question i have asked in at least 2 years but would i have 32bit or 64 bit. Here is my build (PSU is antec earth watts 600w, not that shitty aywun)

You would need 64bit.

I would run Windows 7, as the Modern UI is a mess and makes using the Desktop UI a bit awkward in places and yes you can install a 3rd party start menu to fix it but what is the point when windows 7 works great out of the box and yes Win 8 is newer but apart from the Modern UI there is barly and change in WIndows 8

yeah I think I'm gonna go with windows 7 premium home, my dad wants me to build him a computer with the same sorta specs that I am getting (he has had his computer for like 9 years and its still running XP) so I think Ill get windows 7 put it on my computer then on his when its ready.

Microsoft has a habit of putting out really shitty versions reguarly, and I think Windows 8 smells very MEVistaish. I'd go with 7 as well, but only for gaming. If I'm doing pretty much anything else with the computer, I'm using Linux. Fuck Windows and closed source corporate fascist software. 


do you dual boot? , because I would love to use linux but i wouldn't be able to play many games