Windows 7 vs Windows 8

So, my college gave me free access to Dreamspark.  Since I have a Dreamspark account, I now have access to free copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.  My question is: should I switch to Windows 8?  I already have Windows 7 installed on my HDD, and I'll probably keep it for the time being; however, I plan on getting a SSD in about a month.  If I do, which OS would you recommend I install on it?  And why?

If you're not interested in backwards compatability (some XP games/programs), get Win8. Put that on an SSD, mod it with "startisback" (Win7 user interface), and it will be much faster than Win7.

Sounds like a plan.  I've had my eye on startisback since Logan mentioned it in one of his vids, so I'll definitely have to give Windows 8 a shot once I get my SSD.  I appreciate the reply.

I have used Windows 8 since March of this year and I never had to cling on with 3rd party mods. Just my thought.

Noted.  I appreciate the response.  I'll more than likely test it with and without startisback to see which one I prefer.

Windows 8. It's more robust, and fast. Finally easy to remove the "horrendous tile nightmare", and it will only get better with time.

You should only get start is back if you don't like vanilla Windows8, try vanilla and add it over time if you so wish.