Windows 7 vs 8 - Need Opinions

So I'm building two machines and planned on just putting Windows 7 on them - simply because I was completely against Windows 8 once I saw it. Simply just because I don't see the reason of having a tablet based software try to run my PC that won't have a touch screen.

Then I saw Start is Back, which basically makes it similiar to Windows 7 but with the same running speed.

So I was wondering which would be the better investment? Should I get Windows 8 and just use Start is Back or get Windows 7 Pro? If it helps I do plan on streaming as well as gaming.

I would get Win8 and then modify it to look like Win7. The only bad thing about Win8 is the interface, but I believe they are changing it on the next update, to be more desktop friendly.

Not only that, but the basic version of Win8 comes with many of the features found in Win7 Professional. So you're getting features like RAID, at a lower price. Then there's the performance boost...

I switched from 7 to 8 and I love it.  I like the new minimalistic design.  The only thing I had to do was install StartIsBack, like everyone has mentioned, and change some default programs so they do not start in the fullscreen app version.

The boot-up time is absolutely AMAZING.  I do not even own and SSD.  It lakes like 15 seconds, opposed to 30 second on 7.  Though I edited my start-up to my liking on both systems.


Overall I think 8 is worth the change.

Looks like Windows 8 has a better following then I thought.

It's a surprise to me, too. But, once you're educated, and you learn to "de-suck" Win8, it is the best Windows OS.

*Notice how I was careful to say "Windows" OS* :P

I also say Windows 8. I installed Startisback and changed by default programs as I used them.  Have had zero driver issues, even on drivers not updated for Windows 8 and the boot times are phenomenal.

Some of the added features surrounding the Task Manager and Explorer are awesome too, You can pause file transfers.

I have Windows 8 and StartIsBack. It is awesome, I didn't actually mind the metro crap too much. But with StartIsBack now I don't miss it either. I wouldn't  trade it for windows 7 if offered cash. The performance gains from windows 8 using an ssd are worth it alone. Also with gaming and streaming, windows 8 has been shown to be faster in some linus techtips videos. To get around all their 'annoyances'  just make sure you install games for windows live first, it should solve most of your problems.

I knew StartIsBack before, but Logan's video made me use my win8 key. Can't say I had any issues I care to remember.

A while back I went from Windows 8 to Windows 7 because I was having driver issues with my sound card. Then I saw Logan's video about Startisback, and I was like "fuck it, I need a project for today" so I installed Windows 8 on my system again knowing full well that my driver was incompatible.

I installed Startisback, I liked how I never saw the Metro UI after changing Default Programs. However, after finishing the installation, sure enough, my sound starts messing up. It was late - I was tired - so I just turned off my system and went to sleep. 

The next morning I started my system and the sound was ok, I thought it would be good for a couple hours then spazz out like it awlays did. I stressed the sound driver all day with audio editing and was inexplicably fixed. I have no idea what fixed it but I'm glad I can utilize Windows 8 speed now.

LONG STORY SHORT: Windows 8 + StartIsBack = :)

get windows 8 and watch Logans video of de sucking and then you have the best version of windows avalable

I'm a big fan of Windows 8.  You may notice some people bashing on Windows 8 on social media and across many blogs, but as you can see here many technically savvy prefer Windows 8.  It has a lot to do with things like decreased boot time, increased responsiveness, enhanced task manager and explorer, and generally a more verbose experience.  Personally I find the new bootloader to be fantastic!  It even encompasses my Linux partition in the nice fancy graphical boot menu.  Even if you're a gamer, there are tried and true statistics out there that prove Windows 8 does not as a whole bog down graphics performance.  In most cases I've come across Windows 8 actually has increased gaming performance over Windows 7.  In the past I've complained a lot about how software designers tend to optimize their programs and OS'es for the latest hardware, always pegging your system to the limits if it was anything else.  Windows 8 is a solid update to Windows 7 and quite frankly it renewed my faith in Microsoft.

I have windows rt on the microsoft surface, rt being equivalent of 8 except without being able to run x86 programs, and i only use it with a mouse. As of now i still love windows 8, and theres no installing start is back on windows rt, and it works fine for me, and even better than if it was windows 7 with a mouse. I do know someone who hates it, but he's using a laptop with a for using it on a desktop, i've found no real problem except the inability to customize the start screen background without hacking your system.

Windows 8 is quite easy to get used to for a while, for me. I didn't bother with the Start nenu, nor the Start button. The Start screen had gotten more friendlier with me. But the only gripe was the sad departure of transparency or Aero. Have it on my notebook. But still using 7 on desktop since I couldn't be bothered.

Looking forward to Windows 8.1, will be released as Preview later in the month and by the time I've finished 1st year at uni, it should be available to consumers.

To anyone who is concened about the 'Metro' screen, you can completely ignore it once you boot. On my machine, it takes all of 5 seconds to reach the start screen, you then click the Desktop tile, and you never have to see it again. My only gripe is with the wifi settings, as there's no easy way of checking the speed of your connection from the desktop itself. 

Start screen backgrounds are a planned addition for Windows 8.1 thankfully, although I currently use Decor8 as a way to get dynamically switching start screen backgrounds to match my wallpaper slideshow.  It even color matches the theme automatically.