Windows 7 taskbar

My PC has been running fine for a long time. Recently I upgraded the stock cooler to a beefier one. Today I decided to give the frequency a little nudge. On the second boot at this frequency, all appeared fine until the taskbar flashed about ten seconds into the PC being fully loaded up. It flashes black and then goes to the default windows opaque silver, and I can find no setting to change this. Troubleshooting and reverting the BIOS to stock conditions has not rectified the issue.

Any ideas, Forum inhabitants?

Cheers! R.

I have an AMD FX-4100, and an R7 250 .: this is not an issue with being unable to keep up with the OS

Sounds like a Windows file might of been damaged. Have you done a SFC /scannow in the command line?

If not that likely the drivers are acting up. I had something a little like this but it was with an Nvidia card and it was resolved after I re-installed the drivers.

Try this!

It also could be that do to the OC Windows wants to evaluate the performance index again.

Currently running the SFC/scannow fingers crossed! The WEI does want a recalculation now you mention, so that's second option

Cheers guys!

Right SFC say's its all clear and uncorrupted. I rescanned the WEI too.. and followed Zombre' link... no closer to making everything look un-ugly.

Microsoft's fixit for aero told me my GPU wasn't Aero capable. Is microsoft trying to say an R7 250 isn't up to waht intel HD 4000 iGPU can do? XD