Windows 7 Remove "The publisher could not be verified"?

I get this popup when trying to open Hex Workshop, this has been happening ever since moving to an SSD a few months ago. I finally got tired of having to press Run every single time...

Running Hex Workshop as admin doesn't stop it, BPSRegWD64.dll has no Unblock button in the General tab, there's no prior popup asking if I want to "Always ask before opening this file", everything in the Security tab is checked for both the DLL and HWorks64.exe, repair installing Hex Workshop didn't fix it, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work either.

Doing a Google search just told me to do what I've already tried.

Disable UAC if you dont whant to see the pop up all the time its usealy the first thing i do when i install a os to remove windows 'handholding'

The only reason I really had it still on is when I first got Windows 7 the really old MSN would always launch on startup even if I completely disabled it from doing so, if I had UAC disabled.

I just kind of left it on the second to last setting and forgot about it, but now I don't have the ancient MSN so it's not a big deal, I jut kept it on the second to last one and was fine with it. Anyway, thanks for helping, I probably never would have remembered about UAC.

Actually, it still comes up. UAC is completely off, but I still get the "The publisher could not be verified" popup.

Did you restart after turning off UAC?

The publisher could not be verified sometimes comes up when you had that program running on a differnt os or hdd removeing it and its registry entry's and reinstalling it fresh can solve the programs dils not being singed to your current computer.

Yeah, I had to restart anyway because of completely reinstalling Hex Workshop. I found the registry entries for hex workshop's ... stuff, but nothing referring to the DLL.

I have the same problem. How to disable it ?

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