Windows 7 problem? Need help!

Hi guys, so my taskbar dissapeared and it's because the explorer.exe program shut off and didn't restart. I can't access my task manager either so I can't open a new explorer.exe task. Again, the entire task bar and start icon disappeared. What can I do?

  Have you accidently set the task bar to auto hide? Right click on your desktop and go to personalize. Click on that and go to task bar and start menu. Click on the task bar menu and see if the hide task bar is clicked on. If so, unclick the radio button and see what happens.

No,  my taskbar is on lock but it just disappeared along with my start button. If I go to my desktop there are no icons and I can't right click. I can't open task manager with control alt delete either.

Are you running 2 monitors? Sometimes I get this problem when I have my gaming monitor and my TV connected to the same graphics card. If this is the case try disconnection one of the monitors and see what happens.

Nope, just my laptop. 

Personally I am starting to run out of ideas. Try to go back to when this problem occurred and do a system restore from before that point. Perhaps this will bring it back. Best of luck and hopefully some others will chime in with potentially more information.

I'm not sure what it is. I'm gonna try and manually shutdown my laptop (shed's tear) and boot onto safe mode then run some antivirus programs and see if something is corrupting my windows explorer. Malwarebytes and sfc/scannow and we'll see what happens, I'm really worried about manually having to shutdown though, I don't want my HDD to screw up.

laptop HDD's are uaually designed to take sudden power failures and the heads just automatically park i think, so you should be fine.

yeah, even desktops are ok with it

you can also use ctrl-shif-esc to open task manager, and maybe open a new explorer process. click new task and type explorer.exe

I've tried but I can't open task manager. The only way would be to open into safe mode and run a virus scan to make sure something isn't corrupting my stuff.

ctrl-shift esc? ctrl-alt-del?

try windows-r and type explorer.exe

Yeah, I've done both. Ctrl, shift esc brings up my Chrome task manager, not windows. I strongly think it's due to a corrupt windows explorer.

maybe.... try windows r and type cmd.exe

then do sfc /scannow

I have seen this problem when someone has a virus hijacking the system, try to start up in safe mode and run antivirus to dig the mess out first, if this does not you should run some boot tools and check to make sure your hard drive is mechanically viable. In the end you may have to either replace youur hard drive or reload your O.S....

I'm scared it is a virus. Gonna boot into safe mode and gonna download malwarebytes then run sfc/scannow. I really hope I don't have to get a  new hard drive.

do you have another comp? you need to make a kaspersky rescue disk then.

first, go to and post in the win 7 support section.

Nope, this is my only pc, that's why I'm so cautious about what to do. I'll go check out the forums and see what they say.

I don't think it's a virus however, the only sites i've used are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Teksyndicate, yahoo, and an adult website that we should not speak of (It was an accident I promise). All of these sites are safe and the last virus scan I ran was with Windows Defender (I know it sucks) and nothing turned out corrupted or infected. I've had this happen to another machine due to Windows just being a donkey.

Wasn't a virus thankfully, Windows just needed a good kick in the hiney to run.