Windows 7 Pro takes 4 Min to Shutdown... Please help

So my Windows 7 installation takes 4 min to shutdown. Sometimes it has to startup repair after shutdown to start the OS at all.

I have run full scans with a updated version of Malwarebytes Pro, AdwCleaner and Microsoft Security Essentials with no luck.

Sometimes after like 24-48 hours my PC will get ultra slow and require restart to work properly again witch might be a memory leak, I notice this in Overwatch and some other games in Ovwewatch i go from about 100 ish stable FPS to 30-45 very unstable and jittery FPS.

Thanks in advance.

Note: i am using SSD's mostly for my OS and games and i occasionally plug in HDD's for mass storage but leaving the HDD's not plugged in doesn't change anything.

Note 2: there are some Bent pins in the Mobo socket that prevent me from using one of the RAM slots so i have a kit of 4 dims witch i only use 3 of installed in triple channel it has been like that over 6 month's since this issue popped up so i assume this has nothing to do with anything.

Tech Specs

Your windows installation takes 4 minuets to shutdown? Um waht?

1.How long have you used the OS?
2.Have you changed hardware using the same OS?
3.Has it been cloned before?

If your answers are:
1. Can't remember
2. no
3. no
Reinstall windows 7, fresh OS with fresh drivers fixes 95% of problems I can foresee in your case.

That's what I was thinking too. Go for a memtest just to make sure your RAM is working as intended to.

  1. Well 7-Zip was installed on 11th of October 2015 so i guess that's when windows was installed.
  2. I have changed Motherboard, RAM, GPU, PSU, CPU Cooler and adding SSD's.
  3. No i haven't used Acronis or similar software to make this OS install.

Running Windows memtest was one of the first things i tried didn't find anything.

I'm talking about memtest86+, it tests the RAM and checks for possible errors. It's not the check disk integrated into Windows.


It takes 4 minuets to shut down your Windows 7 PC and only 5 minuets to install Linux Mint from a live USB stick. Do yourself a favor and spend one extra minuet to gain a lot more time back.


I use Linux mint for my laptop occasionally but i don't really want to switch on my main machine.

So do i get the ISO and put it on a USB with Rufus or do i use the USB Key one or is that something else entirely?

Fair enough.

changed motherboard cpu... then you pretty much have to format your drive and get a fresh copy of windows, especially if you've changed architecture (ivy, haswell, broadwell). Unless you want to dick around with your OS for weeks.

Also, I apologize if I have offended you, I really am not the person to answer other people's questions.

And yes, windows iso + rufus = profit

Switched motherboard not CPU i may switch back or reinstall windows but i want that to be a last resort.

No offense taken I'm just hoping i can fix this without reinstall since i have no idea where to put all the stuff i need from this installation kinda running out of space.

Its cool man,you shouldn't be discouraged re-formatting and install windows, does a person really need 500GB porn?

By the way memory leaks result in blue screens. It could be the SSD, which you rule out by running disk mark (on the SSD that has your OS). Post the results.

Crystal disk info of the C drive

And i haven't seen a Blue screen in like a year or two.

Don't need disk info I need the benchmark results.


Oh wow for Kingston Hyper X that's not good even if its 94% full. More questions than answers... I am going to sleep on it.


You can use one or the other, it doesen't matter. I've used the ISO so I don't know what the installer is all about but I guess it just created a bootable USB drive out of the one you want to put on memtest.