Windows 7 - Power still supplied to motherboard after Win7 shuts down

need your help guys . Thank you in advance 

 my mobo and psu

you mean that the green led on the mainboard keep on giveing green light?

it stays on for a while

thats normal ☻

Yea , my keyboard and mouse as well ! Is it normail?

its normal :)

keyboard and mouse, can probebly turned off in the bios by some setting, like usb powerup, or something like that, but its fully normal that  it stays on to.

i got the same its totaly normal don´t worry ☻

Is it just the motherboard LEDs and what not or are the case fans and heatsink fans still spinning?

the fans arent spinning. just the motherboards led 

congratulations. you dont have a shitty mobo :)

ofc he has an Asus thats quality no asrock shit ☻

ive got the same board but then the M5A97 Evo r2.0 version lol.

so if i say its normal then its normal haha ;-)

Why is ASrock shit. The 970 Extreme3 is a good quality board. Do some research first. Those Lego ass-looking boards from ASrock are shit, yes. 

Ok. thank you!! :)

yeah as long as you dont gonne do "extreme" things with it, like a little overclock from 300 mhz.. otherwise those cheap ass vrm´s will burn like a christmas tree :P

mja zolang je er geen extreme dingen mee doet, anders beginnen ze vanzelf naar een paar uur te roken ;)

i have never seen a asrock bord who lived longer then  2 years honestly

Lijkt me als je een extreme overclocker bent, ook geen bord van 65 euro koopt. Dan moet je wel wat meer neerleggen voor wat goede overclocking. Maar ik heb ook een MSI gezien van 68 euri die ook behoorlijk goed presteerd. Teveel keuzes....

I've had my P67 Extreme4 GEN3 with a 900 mhz OC for about a year and a half now. This is both encouraging and troublesome at the same time. lol

I guess we'll see what happens in the next six months to a year.