Windows 7 PC switch?

I'm building a PC and I want to use Windows 7 on my current computer and install it to another.


1. Is that possible?

2. How?

C. How long will it take?

Its generally a bad idea, unless you are planning to make a fresh install, its a bit unclear what exactly you are tring to do.


a) you are tring to put your old HDD into the new computer and boot from it, it might work, but the read/write speeds will kill you, because of the driver signature mismatches and whatnot. Its possible, but its slow, real slow. 

b) you want to use the same serial you have installed windows 7 right now to a new computer, then yes, you can do it, if you have the image file / disc. Windows 7 had a 3 PC limit, or 3 Registration limit, or something like that back in the day, It will install in about 20-40 minutes.

Just pop the DVD in, or put the windows image file to a 4GB flash drive, while booting up, press F2, F12 or whatever the boot key is, select the DVD/USB and the installer should load.

Now option C is what i hope you are not tryng to do, is install windows from your current HDD, to your New machine. This is only doable if you have the installation files, if you dont have them, and only have Windows folder, then pretty sure you cannot do an installed based only on the old OS.


Here is your best bet, go sail the seas of the interwebz and plunder yourselves an operaiting system.

Or, theres a topic in forum, where there are some usable keys, perhaps they are willing to give you one.