Windows 7-No Dvd drive

I have Windows 7 on my PC, and it does not recognize my DVD drive. I have looked all over but I can not seem to find a fix. My computer is a Dell Dimension E520. Windows does not seem to recognize the drive. That is all the information I can find.

Check your SATA and power connectors. Go into your bios and see if the hardware is detected there.

The hardware is not detected. The power and SATA cables are connected. I am going on a trip for a few days so any possible solutions will have to wait till Sunday. It worked until we went to Windows 7. On Windows XP, it worked fine. I have tried going on to the Dell website and get the drivers but I could not find them.

Install via thumb drive with the IMage on it

If the drive isn't detected by the BIOS, then it's either not connected properly, or the drive is dead. Not a big dead since DVD drives are dirt cheap these days.