Windows 7 mac address changer

can anyone please tell me how to use mac address changer if i want to decode a wifi signal which is more than likely mac address enabled or something?  ive already cracked some wifi signals but others not probably because the key is mac enabled, how exactly am i supposed to crack some wifi signals that are mac enabled keys?  can anyone please help me.  rsvp.  thank you.

Very hard to make sense of what you want to do... What OS are you using (I hope not Windows) use Linux (ie Kali). >> to change your MAC

ifconfig 'interface' down

macchanger -r 'interface'

//generates new mac

ifconfig 'interface' up

Any Wifi hacking from Windows 7 is a joke, needs to be nix.

Are you trying to spoof a MAC to gain access to an AP that have MAC filtering?