Windows 7 logging off stuck issue

Windows 7 stuck logging off or shutting down countless times. I know window 7 is not perfect os & it's an older os but this is ridiculous. I was using my LG WH16NS40 burning HP blu ray discs for backing up important files & while doing that windows explorer crashed & I had no choice but to attempt to shut down computer but of course I'm stuck logging off screen :frowning:

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It sound like when windows explorer crashed it corrupted some important files. You can try and repair Windows 7 by using your Windows 7 install disk instead of reinstall it there is an repair option. It has been so long since I have used Windows 7, but I know their is a repair option some where in the install menu, Sorry I wasn't anymore help.

I had this on an old system. Boot in safe mode would fix it not sure why as it checked out fine.

Actually you don't have to shut down your computer when your explorer crashed, you can try to run it from task manager (ctrl + shift + esc), click 'New Task...' type explorer.exe and click 'OK' (sometimes it works). But yeah if something is wrong with your system you should try solutions as above (repair with disc, safe mode) you can also use your system restore point if you have one.

If some of the system files are corrupted isn't there a chance the system restore point is also corrupted.

You can enable verbose output for logon/logoff and get more information on the logoff screen. Its a registry tweak. That'll steer you in the right direction.

Of course it can be corrupted but it won't hurt to try, right?

I guess not , but I would try a repair first.

Perhaps reason why windows explorer crashes often when I copy files to blu Ray disc is because my hp blu Ray discs are poor quality or windows explorer is not stable for blu Ray disc copying