Windows 7 internet speed problems

I seem to be having problems with my internet speed on windows 7. 
I recently got a new internet provider, yet my speed on windows 7 has not changed, except for when on youtube (now I can stream 1080p no problem) With nothing open at all, my speedtest on 7 hit 62 once earlier today, although went down to 32 and stayed at 32 for most of the day. It also takes a long time to search for pages or load certain pages (some are instantaneous, most arent) as it did before my isp change. Im on linux on usb at the moment, and ive checked my speed several times in the last hour, and its at 62 mb/s down 2.7 mp/s up (more than triple the upload of win7). I was not donloading anything at the time on windows, and have scanned for viruses (with advanced systemcare ultimate) Linux is much much more responsive when searching or loading sites, and is almost instant. Both operating systems use chrome, although I also tried on chromium and waterfox for win7 and still had the same results. Any idea what could be slowing down my windows 7? I would switch to linux right now if I had better driver support and alll the games I had with windows worked. 

Answers greatly appreciated! 

Clear your cache

Clear your history, cookies, etc.


defrag your HDD

Stop all programs from starting up at boot


basically go get CCleaner