Windows 7 Home Premium N issues help

I bought a windows 7 n from reddit a couple of days ago and have been noticing couple of programs won't run properly which are Steam and Minecraft for my laptop. I had to run them in Windows XP compatability mode to be able to use them. please note i only had this os for two days and these were the issues that i found already. Oh I am a cheap person and not from Europe.

Search 'Turn Windows Features on and off' and enable Internet Explorer and media player.

Did you update the hell out of it yet? Some things don't work properly until Windows is updated properly, it's weird, but such is life.

yes i am updating the shit out of it.

I'd wait for all that to finish, then see what's up.

I haven't used Home Premium in so long I don't know how dumb it is... been working with Pro for years now.

I would have gone the cracked route with Windows 7 Ultimate but then again I am using it for school so i had to get a legit copy of fearing of getting caught and i maxed out my windows 7 home premium update.

It's the same as pro with a few features removed such as remote desktop server and domain membership.

Welp Minecraft wouldn't work for me now. when you start the program and you see the waiting thingy on the icon then it dies. gonna have to re-install the os then :\