Windows 7 FROZE on shutdown screen?!

How do i fix this problem?


Windows 7 ultimate. it just freezes on the shutting down screen eveytime i shutdown



Asrock z77 Oc Formula

OS- OCZ vertex 4


crucal 8gb 2x4

dont shut it down ;)


in all seriousness, try system restore.  Look at event viewer and post some more information.

My system restor options are of today..and this problem was happening since yesterday. my bios is up todate so is my drivers..spent a hour looking them up. 

Say software like WD hd tool cause their problem..but i have no such software



what kind of information can you gather from the event logs?  

Problem solved!!

-start, msconfig, services, hide microsoft services

-Disable half of the services, apply, ok, reboot

If problem is of the disabled services was causing problem, enable half rebooot, repeat

if problem not solved continue desabling until problem stops.

narrow down the services until you figure out what service is causing your system freeze or crash


remove or delete service. if service is required. remember to close it before shuting down. or leave it disabled when booting if freeze happens. when in windows re-enable program.

Try a check disk. "chkdsk /r" in command or via your hdd's properties in the tools tab, tick both boxes.

problem solved..comment above yours