Windows 7 Freezing Issues

Two days ago we booted up our family computer and it was loading Windows like normal until it froze on the Windows splash screen (with the glowing windows symbol). It now does this every time we try to start windows. We have tried using system repair but this failed. Luckily, we are able to enter Safe Mode and we have transferred all of out important information onto the second hard drive that does not have windows. Our next step was to try a clean install of Windows 7, so we followed all of the steps by deleting the old partions, creating a new one, and then tried reinstalling. Well the first time we tried this it forze during install, so we tried again and this time it got further down the path but when it restarted the computer (we did not boot from CD Drive again) it froze on the same Windows Splash screen. We have tried one last time by actually creating a new partion and formatting it ourselves and this tome it got hung up on the same place as Try #1.

This has gotten really frustrating, but maybe we are doing something wrong which you guys can point out.
Any Help is much appreciated!



If you have another computer to do this whit you might get windows installed by takeing the hard drive where you want the windows to be installed and plugin it into another computer then you just need to do as the video tells you to

You need to have windows cd for this one but should work whit any windows booting thing

there might be easyer  ways but this one fhirst clears you hard drive so it should be as new

(after installing you need to find all drivers like graphic card's and install them)

Also if you want to intall windows from cd and not copy it into the hard drive you just follow the guy in video and clear the hard drive and when it is empty blug it back to your family computer and try install windows then.


before installing the OS i would probably take the time to check the hardware and see if everything is still in working condition. First i would download the seatools dos disc, burn it on a cd and run it off the disc and perform long generic test (maybe twice). this will eliminate if the hard drive is failing or not causing the freezing (link: ) ..

second i would test the memory, as this can cause failures in installing anything. again copy and paste the link in your browser, download the iso, burn it on a cd and boot it off the disc. generally i would run it for 3-4 passess (link: )

once both have passed without errors, i would then try to install the OS, check if the disc is ok or try the above method. let us know if there is anything else you find issues with..