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Windows 7 finally dead

So folks, today is the day. You few holdouts still on windows 7 are now officially running an unsupported operating system.

I know it may be hard for some of use to accept, but today we have truly lost a loved one. I thought this thread would be a great opportunity for us to mourn together, talk about all of the good times we had with windows 7, and provide emotional support to each other.


I’m watching the Full Nerd and they are discussing this very thing.

How many peeps still have running Windows 7 machines ?

I still have my copies but all my machines have been updated to Windows 10 now.

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Did you do anything to celebrate mourn today?

I got a cake


But the important question, did the cake taste great ?!?

the cake tastes great, but it is simply not enough to abate my sorrow

7 4 lyfe

I’m installing it right now as a VM and never deleting.


i am going to install windows xp. literally no difference since theyre both unsupported anyway

Thank God. Worst Windows version in years.

May it burn in hell.



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EOL but not dead.

Win10 is the new Vista: Everyone got it and it is shit


there will never be an OS as good as windows 7

Win10 is the new Vista

Lmao. You sound like someone that never had to suffer through that dumpster fire.

Windows 10 is the most stable and reliable OS they’ve releases in decades.


I think Frank Sinatra´s My Way, is very appopriate tho this. :laughing:

Oh noes !! its all over everything … the end is here … my computer done for … my life in tatters … woe … woe is me and my family because i stubbornly stuck with 7 and now i have no support !! whats ams i tew dew !!!

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I have better memories of Win XP from my childhood gaming and my first pc :slight_smile:
I evacuated to a macbook when vista was released, and never used Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.
When I returned to windows, 10 was out, and I have had no problems with it, and the problems I’vs had has been my own fault.

Vista was pretty nice if you built a 64 bit system :slight_smile: Installing drivers funkiness carried forward till 8.

Oh and the joys of usb hubs and windows 7…

Nothing like windows 7 auto updating the most current broken driver. I can not remember if that started with Vista or not.

Losing desktop gadgets hurt a bit.

Then MS bowing down to media companies over their media player abilities.

Come to think of it ? The AGE of Windows 7 sucked.


Been saving my wee for this occasion Windows 7 was never good.




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Lets talk about what windows 7 did to TV tuners.