Windows 7 Enterprise

I have a Lenovo x240 running Windows 7 Enterprise that i got from school, and I am running an local admin user. How would I regain the ability to log in to the "remote" users with the logins we were provided with by the school? Without a remote user running under the School domain, I'm unable to get the Adobe suite that I need for class.

The computer would have to be in the same domain as the user, if it isn't you should take the computer to the IT department of the school to get it fixed.

The computer is under the same domain, I just need the ability to log in,
I got my PC back from IT yesterday, I had to get a fresh Windows 7 install and formated my SSD.
They claimed my 'HDD' was broken and kept it for a week. They are extreamly lazy and get pissed when people mess with their installs. Just wondering if there is any way to re-enable the external login feature.

Have you been issued a domain account and password? Provided the laptop was joined to the domain by your IT team you should simple be able to physically connect it to the network and then enter your domain account by entering domain\user or [email protected]

If you only need to access shares to get your software you should be able to use the Net Use command to connect to them provided you have network connectivity e.g.

net use \SchoolServerName\ShareName /User:[email protected] *

This will then prompt for the password.

Really just looking for a way to log in as a user under the domain on the computer.
Also, running "net use" just outputs: command executed (rougly translated).