Windows 7 crashing

So lately my PC has been crashing. About 5 minutes after i turn on my computer my cursor will freeze in the middle of my screen. When this happens i have no control of the system. The only way i can gain control again is manually restarting the computer. Then of course about 5 minutes after restarting it frezzes again. I think the problem is that my power supply is dying. If anybody can help please reply to this post thanks.


Also i can't believe im saying this but this problem has me so fustrated that im actually considering buying another xbox.

It doesn't sound like a failing power supply, more like a virus of some sort. I would take your copy of windows and boot up into the windows install, make a seperate partition and install windows on that, if it installs fine and you can boot up no problem then there is an issue with a virus of some sort or your windows install and at which point to be fully safe i would use the clean windows install to back up any files and re-install windows completely clean.