Windows 7/8 fps issues

So I've went to Windows 8 from Windows 7 to give it a try and did not like it. When I installed Windows 7 again Chivalry Medieval Warfare and Planetside 2 became unplayable. It went from 50-60 fps on Ultra settings to 10fps on low.

Both times were clean installs with format from a DVD and with the latest drivers. Also I used TuneUp 2013 on both.

My config is:
ASUS m4a87td evo(2001 bios-last)
ASUS GeForce 560ti DCII
8GB Kingston DDR3 1600mhz
AMD Phenom II 955 BE
WD Velociraptor 300gb 16mb

Can anyone think of what could possibly be causing the issue because it just doesnt make sence to me that all of a sudden Win 7 has inferior fps when it didnt before I tried Win8? It's driving me nuts...I cant go back to Win8 again :'(

PS sorry for the bad word layout. I tried making it proper but it wouldnt budge.