Windows 32x Ram Wall?

So we all know that Windows 32 bit has a ram Cap at 3 or 4 gigs depending on specs and what not but i've tried countless times to fix it, and all the videos i've watched are super extensive and go through like 20 minutes of work, is there a quick and easy way for me to fix the cap and utilize all my ram. Reason why i asked is because i made noob mistake and downloaded 32x, being completely aware i could run 64x. DERP DERP

Buy 64 bit. Fastest fix on the planet.

I do not think a 32 bit os can use more than 4gb of ram

Thеѕе аrе NOT illegal – Thеѕе аrе јυѕt thе download links fοr Windows 7 SP1 ISO whісh іѕ a retail wrap thаt offers a 30-day trial period. Yου need tο activate уουr Windows afterwards wіth a genuine license activation key tο continue using іt. Downloading thеѕе files frοm Digital River іѕ absolutely legal аnԁ completely free οf charge.


i've got two hard drives could i just download the boot drive to the usb and then put it on the second one and boot off of it?

best to reinstall all programs when you change the OS.

and just as an FYI, the memory limit of 32bit os and applications is completely inherent to the 32bit architecture. no amount of patching could possibly expand it, short of going 64-bit. 64-bit does have a memory limit, but it's so high, we're not gonna reach it this decade.

Thank you for all the input and help it is much appreciated

Ignoring the fact that Windows gives you a limit on memory, based on how much you pay.

Right now, anything above Home Premium has a cap at 128gigs.

Linux allows you to use all 16 million terabytes of 64-bit address space, assuming you have motherboard support.