Windows 11 Taskbar Restore

I can’t remember if someone here mentioned a script/installer they used from Github(maybe?) to restore the Win11 taskbar to Win10 functionality.

I’ve done some googling and there seems to be quite a few options out there …

I think even LTT has done a quick video on restoring some of this functionality using the built-in explorer/customization settings.

I know I didn’t like the central default view so moved it back to the default of the lower left hand corner.

I actually don’t mind that, it’s refreshing to me but I do want the old functionality back.

ETA: I’m toying with Win11 on an old Dell AIO we have here in my office at work, it’s not doing anything so why not test it out.

Good idea, I just did a dual-boot on my gaming rig so I can go back and forth if need be, but so far other then some annoyances, Windows 11 is working fine for me.

Twas me.


Very nice, thanks, I have bookmarked this project for future reference.

Thanks @Den-Fi

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In case anybody wants a GUI app to do many of the same things plus more, here is the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

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