Windows 11 - Microsoft's Walled Garden. (Dire Warning)

Microsoft want’s to own your computer. They are using Windows 11 to do this. Specifically, the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure Boot are keys Microsoft will use to take ownership of your PC.

Microsoft want’s to turn your computer into a Apple style walled-garden that they control entirely. IMO this will destroy one of the best things about a computer, the freedom and control you have over your own machine. Instead, with Windows 11 - Microsoft will have control over your computer. They will be able to install and uninstall whatever they want remotely, edit and lock your data, and even use it to ban your specific machine from working with anything at all without first getting permission from Microsoft.

Here is a video that goes into the issue in more depth. I feel that Wendel should also consider making a video on this topic to bring more awareness to this issue.

To respond to some of the upcoming comments - Don’t be a ‘fanboy’ of a company. Always be critical and careful of things that these corporations do, they are not in business for your benefit.


Here is a fun video that shows how one fairly large and well known company is working on offering a valid solution to “The Windows Problem”. And so far it looks like it’s going rather well.


Ah, another Microsoft Bad™ thread.

Sorry, but that video is a gross misrepresentation of the functions of TPM/Secure Boot/drive encryption, among other things. The whole thing just comes across like a conspiracy theory-esque rant.

Just some candid feedback before this turns into a circlejerk, I’d rather there be discussion of actual problems like the shift towards OS-as-a-service than ranting about encryption mechanisms and this sort of thing.


to me this is a simple question of:

don’t like apple’s garden?

  • stay off of it

don’t like windows’ garden?

  • stay off of it also

wanna game?

  • compromise


-triva… wait


There is nothing wrong with criticizing problems in an operating system. And it’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ when this is already being done on devices.

And my reaction? I am going to stay off it. I’m moving to Linux because i’m tired of Microsoft’s ever increasing invasions that are reducing the freedom people have over their own hardware.

You may be fine with Windows 11 forced ads, invasions of privacy, and lack of control over your own machine. But I am not.

Your tone is fairly aggressive for no good reason and is adding nothing productive to the conversation.

I am not, but have you actually installed and used Windows 11? Because 90% of it is GUI modifications that can be reverted and the other 10% are framework and security changes that affect basically no home users.

forced ads,

This isn’t anything new, Windows 10 needs debloated just as badly as Windows 11. That doesn’t make it better, but it’s not new.

invasions of privacy

Examples of which are? The telemetry complaint here dates the whole way back to Windows 8 and the ways to disable/mitigate these telemetry features have been pretty much the same ever since then.

lack of control over your own machine

Examples of which are? Is there something Windows 11 is preventing you from doing that you are otherwise able to do on Windows 10 or Linux?

That’s because it is aggressive, not everybody is going to take your side on rants like this. I’m not arguing that I like the way Microsoft is headed, but that I’m getting really goddamn tired of “Windows 11 Must Be Stopped” articles like it’s the next antichrist when it boils down to GUI changes and add’l enterprise security when compared to Windows 10 as it exists now. This is pure fear mongering with no constructive purpose.


This is pure fear mongering.

Do I like what MS are doing? No. Are you overreacting? Yes.

Neither is this whole post.
Nothing you’ve said in your op is constructive. Just “They want to control you. They’re bad!”

Also: wants not want’s. (yes yes, not first language, bla bla. idc)

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This is intended to bring awareness to the problems surrounding what windows 11 is bringing to computers near you ;D

It’s not ‘fear mongering’ when companies are actually doing this already on devices.

It’s not what you posted. It’s the way you worded it. “100 ways to skin a cat” and all that.

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Care to give us examples of what they’ve changed in Windows 11 (not what you think they’re going to change) that you were so offended by when you used it?

I listened to this video yesterday. It has a few points, but I agree it comes off as a conspiracy rant. Is MS and Apple trying to control the hardware you use? Probably to some degree yes. Are they trying to completely take over everything you can/can’t do with the hardware YOU purchased? Not yet, they know the tech community would rail against them so hard they would be bankrupt within a week.

And the governments wouldn’t let that happen either. Well, the EU wouldn’t, at least.

That’s only because the gov’t want their own control over everything :slight_smile:


I guess to some extent. But as you said, people would revolt. And in this case, not only the tech community.

That was my takeaway too - I hate that Windows is turning into a subscription service, and the fact that they’re trying to make a Microsoft account mandatory is one of the biggest symptoms that’s bothering me. But that’s happening with basically every major software distributor, not exclusively Microsoft.

But, to put up a 20 minute video taking shots at the IEC 11889 TPM standard and Secure Boot/etc just shows a lack of knowledge on the scope of where/why they’re used.

I agree, especially for someone that “has been a repair tech for 20+ yrs”.

Yes. My solution is I’m staying on windows 10.

A fair question. You need look no further than how Microsoft runs their X-Box systems. When I said they were already doing these things, I mean on consoles, phones, tablets, and it’s being done by multiple companies, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, even Dell, they are all guilty of these sorts of offenses - and they are trying to make the PC space into the same thing.

I personally very much enjoy PC’s because of the freedom and utility they offer. But I see this being slowly eroded away over the years. In many ways, I am in the same position as the person in the video is, i’ve used computers ever since the C64 was a ‘new thing’ and it bothers me to see what these companies are doing.

IMO this flows right into the Right-To-Repair argument. Who really owns the products you buy? These companies want to turn everyone into renters.

I am doing this for now… but I do plan on moving to linux, this is one of the primary reasons i am buying a steam deck, so I can learn linux on it and eventually switch my main computer over as well.

As someone who’s wasted a bunch of money for various devices under the pretence of “learning linux” and sold or gave all of them away because I didn’t use them, I advise you to just download a virtual machine and start learning now. After you’re comfortable, make the switch and you’re done.
(you’re done = just getting started in Linux terms)


In my opinion the biggest thig all these companies are trying to control is what you see, say and do to fit their narrative.

Just my $0.02 take on it all!

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