Windows 11 Decrapifier

I’m just curious as to what folks have found, if anything, for a comprehensive Windows 11 “decrapifier” script to strip out telemetry, change other settings (like no automatic driver downloads, no automatic updates and reboots), remove garbage apps, etc.

For Windows 10 I used owre’s Win10-Initial-Setup-Script which was the spiritual successor to Disassembler0’s, as Disassembler0 made it clear they stopped maintaining it. owre’s script is fantastic, but there’s nothing tailored for Win 11 yet. I’m guessing parts of it will be reusable though.

If you’ve seen/used something, I’d love to hear about it. If not, I’ll post my own findings/results sometime in the next week or so after I install Windows 11 as I move to a new 4TB SSD for my primary storage – figured I’d just bite the bullet now and move to Win 11 at the same time.

You’ve made a lot of extremely naive assumptions (zero of which I am guilty of) without answering the question. Let’s keep it on topic.