Windows 10

Are you guys using the windows 10 tech preview as your main driver. Is it worth moving from windows 7 or to wait until the full is released.

Depends on if the Keylogger is removed and if Cortana can be uninstalled, both make me very leery of 10.

I am using it, it's worth and I have no issues with it. Though you may want to wait until consumer preview is released.

And yes, you have to agree to keylogging and other stuff, but I personally don't care about it.

I just installed it last night and so far it has been working pretty well. I have had a couple hiccups (no SLI support and I had an issue with windows 10 not liking me having 3 drives). It feels very similar to my windows 8.1, except things are smoother. I am still getting used to some things though

I still think it should be called : "Windows NSA Lockdown Edition" or "Windows NSA Climbing in Your Windows edition" (Windows NCYW Edition). Or perhaps, "Windows WSYI Edition (We Sell Your Info)". I most likely will never switch unless forced to because of some game I own that switches to DX12 and requires Win10. Not likely but you never know what company MS is going to pay off next to force people on to its Data Mining Operating system. Ohh, That's a good name : "Windows DM edition" Windows Data Mining Edition. Windows OSS (Only Signed Software) (Our Software Slaves) (Official Secret Spying) Editions. Or it could be Windows XBL Edition (because we hate PC gamers).

My main concern is having my Games library working. And also concerned about some non genuine programs being reported and stuff.