Windows 10 Won't Install

I am trying to install the Windows 10 preview but whenever I try it fails and says code:80004005 I have tried numerous solutions and none can fix it.

Please say you are installing it on a VM. If so what VM software.

I didn't get an ISO or anything just an EXE that launches windows update. This computer has been backed up and needs to be reimaged anyway so even if it does install a complete new OS it's not an issue.

I'd say just go for the ISO, it should be less troublesome than the executable

Yes, I had an issue with the windows update portion. Just use the ISO if at all possible.

Where can you find the ISO?

Great thanks!

Why should I install it on a VM?

Because it's unstable

Thanks you might have safed my ass because I had it just installed regularly and now I reinstalled win7. And I'm going to google how to get win10 on a VM.

I have noticed it being too terribly unstable but it always sucks to lose whatever you're working on because there is a bug in a build. I use VMware player and it runs really well. Virtualbox is also a good option but it was extremely slow on my computer. Those are both free

just as a quick sidenote for those coming trough with install issues when installing in virtualbox:

virtualbox and windows 10 dont play very nice together, i only got it to install after 6 hours of messing around and troubleshooting, if you insist on trying, install windows vista, 7, or 8 (or windows server) and install 10 overtop of that. (if it doesnt work, try changing all the settings around)

even then i cant guarantee any results, and for me it died quite quickly and actually crashed virtualbox more than once.

I got it to install in Virtualbox but it ran like shit. VMware player plays much nicer with it.