Windows 10 usb issues

I recently saw the issues with the fan speed in AMD Crimson so i uninstalled all of my AMD stuff and then i reinstalled the older driver that i had on right before i upgraded. All was well until i restarted my P.C. now none of my rear or front I/O ports work not usb or the ps/2 ports and i can't log into windows to change anything back. How do i fix this???

try holding SHIFT + F8 when booting to go directly into safe mode and either try a repair installation or manually remove any and all suspect drivers under safe mode and then reboot

I just tried and it didn't go into any options it just booted normally and nothing.

the second it starts to boot windows my mouse and keyboard goes dead. They work just fine in the bios and while running on a usb recovery media. And the system restore on the recovery media comes up with an error saying i need to reset and select an operating system to do a restore.

Clear your CMOS - there will be a button on the rear IO, on the motherboard or you will need to pull the battery for about 20 seconds.

Then try to boot, and plug your mouse and keyboard into the USB ports closest to the top of your motherboard, not the front panel.

sadly that didn't fix it..

I can't even do a reset because it says the disk is write protected.

Is there a way i can hack into to this and control it remotely or something to fix it? I really need my system back up or i will get really behind on my video editing work for school.

have you looked in your device drivers panel and checked they are all functioning correctly?

So you cannot even enter your bios or anything? Its hard to believe non of the io is working before even booting into windows.

Yes you need to try accessing safe mode. What is the model of your motherboard?

Everything works in my bios. Its just when windows boots that nothing works.

How does one do that when they can't even log into windows?

Gigabyte 990fx ud3 rev 3.0

I don't know of any back door ways into safe mode. If I could just get there I could easily remove the bad drivers

ok sounds like u are fucked - get a bootable win 10 usb drive or dvd - boot from it and try to repair your installation - otherwise reinstall - or install gentoo

What if I took my boot drive out of my desktop put it in another system in and tried to boot into it. Will that cause it to use a different set of drivers because its different hardware?

it could work - windows tends to shit itself when doing this but only one way to really find out.
I would still try the bootable win 10 usb variant

I tried a recovery USB last night with no luck and no safe mode option. I couldn't even reset windows because my drives write protect is turned on and I tried command prompt to turn it off but that didn't work.

Didn't work.. It booted but the same problem again. All ports went dead and i couldn't do anything. Whelp its time i just put 7 back on and then upgrade to 10 because i would be wasting less time doing that now at this point.