Windows 10 upgrade - The simple question's (help)

I know this has probably been asked a million times, so I'm sorry. (the info must be buried in the forum) I have tried searching but I can't find answers.

  1. If I upgrade to windows 10 am I on a "timed" version i.e. after a year or two (or any time in the future for that matter) will windows ask me to pay for the software?

  2. How hard is it revert back from windows 10 to windows 7?

  1. If you have a legitimate copy of Windows 7, then you will never be required to pay for Windows 10. However keep in mind things that are free are using you as the product. Logan uploaded a handy video on how to protect your privacy on Windows 10.

  2. Before your Windows 10 upgrade, it will create a Windows 7 restore point. Suppose you don't enjoy Windows 10, then you can revert back to Windows 7 (WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH ONLY), after that I don't know if the previous restore point is deleted or is somehow blocked.

  3. Consider a clean install. If your PC has a Windows sticker on it from when you got it, the product code is labeled on there. Its also accessible from your about PC page. If you jump to Windows 10, clean install. If it bothers you too much, clean jump back to Windows 7, it will save you the trouble with incompatible drivers and buggy software.

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