Windows 10 Upgrade Notification tonight

i hope so, stability is something i need. previously tried using compatibilty mode with the asus drivers. had app crashes because of it. using 3rd party drivers now. :) dont really think they will make support for windows 10. seeing as the card is now 4+years old

You'd be surprised, due to hardware problems my temporary GPU is an HD 4850 which is 7 years old now and its running perfectly under 10

Yes, I had an old laptop with the Mobility Radeon HD 5730 and after 12.+ update the screen was always black. Found on the net that everybody had this issue and nothing was done with it a long time. A few weeks ago I tried the W 10 preview on the same laptop and Windows automatically installed the drivers. To my surprise the drivers were the latest version and everything ran fine.

Anybody know how this will work on an old Dell D630 running Windows 7? My concern is that I'm using Vista kernels for some drivers that were not available for 7 according to the Dell website and Windows update. Thing runs great for an old computer but not sure if the drivers would still work? If I can find a spare laptop HDD I might try installing the technical preview to see how it works.

I will for sure be switching my main PC over though. I liked what I saw in Windows 10, it was like what Windows 8 should have been.

Boom, mine showed up this morning.

So will windows 10 still have that keylogging turned on by default in the free rollout?

I want to say no to this.... As the Keylogging is only meant to be for the purpose of debugging stuff during the testing period....

But it Microsoft... So I don't think we can know for sure just yet...

I think this is a baby step for microsoft to permanently link installs to emails. Windows 10 is the first step to get the emails.

Try do the beta without a microsoft account. Its almost hidden you dont need one.

Microsoft been the cash now so all the pirate copies need to be slowly reeled in. There dominance in the home and office is starting to get shaky.