Windows 10 Upgrade Notification tonight

Tonight I observed a new notification icon in my windows 8.1 installation, I made a small video on it:
Windows 10 Upgrade

dont have it on mine. WA aus. maybe its a regional rollout. australias always one of the last to get updates. phone os wise and software updates rollouts wise.

That I'm not sure about, I live in Panama City, Florida, USA. I made the video as soon as it appeared (you can see date and time in the taskbar).

I'll say this, you are oddly close to me, but, I don't see it. Let me boot up some of my VMs to check.

Edit: This is very Odd. After 2 VMs (latest updates) and rebooting my own machine, I don't see it. Guess you're a lucky one.

just got mine :) randomly appeared!

Aus melb here. i might try to see if i can get the update via my VPN

um far as i understand, dont need a vpn to do it. mine popped up when running windows update. although that might be a fluke

randomly looked down and it's there on Windows 7 HP slovakia

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might be a little premature. maybe they are prepping to see interest and scale of bandwidth needed to download files. dont think its due for release anytime soon. seeing how developer preview is still ongoing, doubt they'd release in progress os to the masses

29th of July is the date

Yep I have it. I'm in WA, Australia...
Who's going to upgrade??

Video time Stamp - 6:13

Why the Fvck would you want to do that?

thinking about it, made my reservation already. but seeing if my hardware has win 10 drivers. would suck if everything stopped working after update. anyone know if rollback is possible?

yes , , i can't get rid of it

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 10 will be available for PCs and tablets worldwide from July 29.

Seems like it is available already for me.

FYI 99% of all drivers and programs I had on Win 8.1 worked flawlessly on the Win X Tech Previews

what about specialised drivers for tv tuners and soundcards? i have a xonar st. also while i am excited for dx 12. will my game library immediately work on win x?

If they worked on 8.1 I can't see why they wouldn't work on 10, most of my updates for program's were 8.1 versions. (GPU, Soundcard and the like)

Mine came up first thing yesterday - Perth WA.