Windows 10 Update strikes again

Cumulative Updates KB5003637

Installed reboot, can see 2nd monitor, but cant access, anyone having this issue

Updated nvidia drivers too to rule that out

Have uninstalled both updates to a working version

Can you please describe your problem in detail and in complete sentences. I am not too familiar with Windows but nobody can help you if we don’t understand what is happening on your end. What does the following even mean?

@magicman32 I’m a little confused, too. Do you mean that WIndows Display Settings reports two monitors, but… nothing appears on the second display?

I have had some issues with Windows Update recently, but nothing like this.

Glad to hear it cleared up when you uninstalled the updates.

Sorry, when update is installed and reboot

I can see second monitor but cant scroll to it…identify monitor shows both monitors

But I cant drag anything to the 2nd monitor, I have scrolled to edges of main screen and I am locked into my main screen

if that better discribes

Odd. If you see this again, you might try fiddling with the “arrangement” of the monitors in Display Settings > Multiple Displays. Try “Duplicate these displays”, and see if both look identical. Then go back to “Extend these displays” and hope it works right.

Uh-oh… there are settings for “Show only on 1” and “Show only on 2”. Maybe somehow one of those was set? Something to check on, if the problem comes back.

Otherwise, my only suggestion is to wait “a while” (two weeks? a month?) before updating again and hope that the problem gets resolved.

Good luck.