Windows 10 to take away Home Users control of their system. (click baitish) At the end of of the day , I care more about what little control i have of windows then Windows itself. Viva la Linux ! :) My windows is going to go offline for a little while. Won't be gaming much. :(

Take it all with a grain of salt. Might be different by the 29th.

Agreed. This is interesting. I think I'll stay with 7 Pro thank you very much :)

Actually this is no rumor. It's fact. People who are "Home Users" will have no control of updates. Only Windows 10 Pro and above, will have access and control of Windows Updates. The funny thing about this so called "Rumor" is that this was announced and confirmed months ago, but Microsoft never received backlash for it.

The Irony of all this though is that Windows Insiders got a free copy of Windows 10 Pro instead of the Home Edition.

there's gonna be a day one crack to disable this by someone pissed off in the tech community mark my words.

I am somewhat pissed about this since the windows key i was given is just a basic one.

Never read the TOS. :) Just spend all my time trying to lock down windows and game. Loosing control of windows updates is to me a deal breaker. (Pun intended) Since they will definitely break my system in some way.

The thing about these updates, is that are they aren't system updates like in the past, I've paid attention to almost if not all the updates being delivered as "Windows Pro" user. They are all updates towards Windows Defender.

That's about it. It gets updated daily. As for driver issues like in the past. All that is coming from OEM's now. So if you are having issues with an Audio driver it's all on the the creators of the product. Any product updates that are listed on Windows updates are strictly for Microsoft based hardware. Which people with only Surface Tablets have.

You know since you have Windows 7 Pro, you get Windows 10 Pro right? The Windows 10 update you get depend on which version you have. Damn near everyone has the Home edition. You have the Pro edition. So you will have control of updates on Windows 10 if you upgraded..

Looks like you dodged the bullet on that on ? Zippy. The rest of us poor folks are screwed. All that free stuff that works better than windows stuff is at risk of being stamped out.

Like i said, it's pretty ironic situation, Insiders got Windows 10 Pro for free regardless of what edition you had, and people who have the regular home edition are stuck without control of updates on Windows 10. BUT this got announced months ago and no one complained lol

I bet Microsoft right now are like LOLWUT?

On sidenote, Linux is guilty of this as well, in some aspect. Not to the extreme of updates, but some Distros do sell features to you. Zorin OS being the big one i can name off the top of my head.

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Part of me is like maybe it is a good thing. How many people pc's do you seen that have almost never been updated. Still, i choke on it at the lose of control. I have to have control due the the mix of old stuff and new stuff i run.

I have 7 Pro purely for gaming purposes. Plan to get another 7870 soon and setup KVM with 10 Pro if it isn't a flop. I do everything else in SUSE. I feel MS has taken the Windows is a service thing too far as far as privacy is concerned

Guess the bidders don't realize the COA is in the picture?

The issue i personally have is just the tablet experience on Linux. I've gotten too used to handwriting with a stylus i can't move away from it. I know Xournal exists, but it's not better than OneNote.

Never used a full Linuc os on a tablet. I usually keep those things separate. Use the right tool for the right job I guess.

Maybe consider Sailfish OS and install Evernote?

*Linux not Linuc dumbass

Sailfish can't be installed on every single device. Which sucks. Honestly I want to try sailfish out so bad, but I don't have an android tablet in my disposal..

The best thing to use for hand writing other than a surface is, Samsung's Galaxy Note tablet preferably the 10 inch model.

OneNote and Evernote are both on the Android store. BUT the biggest dumb thing about Android is lack of updates for anything other than a nexus device.

Root it. You get the stylus support and the latest version of Android.

Damn this thread has been de-railed. But this article has a video that seems very familiar lol

Busy checking out Sailfish. :)

It's a true competitor to Android.

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