Windows 10 thoughts?

What are your thoughts? Is this good, bad, or ugly?


Personally I'm a fan of how he mentioned "Power Users" and "Keyboard" in the same few seconds during the Verge's live blog about it.  Maybe control Windows Snap with keyboard shortcuts? Either way I'm excited to see "Power User" mentioned at all.

Linux with Wine...

I am not a fan of Windows in general, but it looks like they are redacting most of the design elements of Windows 8.x.  This makes sense, Window 8.x is definitely the New Coke of operating systems.

So I guess that makes Windows 10 the Coke Classic of operating systems?  Only without Coke’s flavor and with the harsh aftertaste only Windows can deliver.  :)

People are complaining about Microsoft doing this and that to the Operating system but still are going to use it. I think deep down the only thing we as PC Users tolerate is Microsoft in the OS space. we don't tolerate when Microsoft tries to Promote their Console as being better than a Gaming PC experience (I believe we'd probably tell Microsoft to shove the Xbone up their Ass) In my personal opinion,  Microsoft Turning Windows To a Tablet/Desktop experience is not going to make someone jump to another Operating system. Every OS has it flaws, what matters is What OS does what you need to do Best without jumping Hoops. In Most peoples case it's Windows. As much as I would assume most or us hate Microsoft as a Company.

Overall though I'm not worried about Windows on the Desktop space. From various Videos and Sources it looks like they got their shit together. What I'M personally worried about is what Microsoft will do to the Mobile Space (2 in 1 Convertibles and tablets) I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro, its an excellent windows tablet for the money. I'm curious is this Windows 10 Going to fuck with my Experience, cause Honestly Windows 8.1 is An impeccable Tablet Experience. the only thing that is ASS is the Windows Store.

Think it sucks. This is what I had seen in a preview when it was being called windows 8.2 This so far just looks like 8.2 but now there charging for a small update.

Also Microsoft has laid off most off there Q&A and some R&D staff. If this is such a huge change that it warrants them to skip a number. By the way dumbest thing I have heard all year. Then who is writing this software. 

Last thing I have to say. There concerned about apps? What about gaming. Microsoft only wants you to game on Xbone. There so closed off about this idea. If you go to Google trends and look up some hot words. Like PC,Computer,Xbox,Playstation and PC Gaming. Only one of those words has huge growth over the last few years. Its dumb of them not to make it a focus. Even if its a timed delay all games on the Xbox should be on PC. The controller should have wireless support by now. And ya seeing that it sells there OS it should be a big focus.

Microsoft has learned how to deliver very little and hype it up alot. There just trying to be another Apple when we don't need one.   

Yeah but what was 7 to Vista? Not much, it just worked a lot better but looked almost exactly the same, how ever XP to 7 is a big difference, same with 7 to 10.

8, vista, 2000, 98 etc they were all just testing grounds for the new OSs, which is a bad thing, but at least a good one does come out.


It's sort of like an un-official version of Intel's Tick tock system, the tick being the introduction of new technology and big changes and the tock being the big user friendly (er) and fine tuned update.

My thoughts are "why didn't they do what they are doing with 10 with 8?" It's classic microsoft to make a piece of crap os then make a decent one in the end. They have a history of this type of behavior. remember how many people hated vista but are still to this day on windows 7 after they upgraded? Maybe the current CEO will see this pattern and try to break it by releasing a decent os each time?

I thought all Windows 8.x users were getting a free upgrade?

Windows 7 compared to vista was an NT build upgrade.

I personally like it. IMO it is what MS shouldve done with Windows 8/8.1

Will be upgrading to use dx12.