Windows 10 Terrible Performance!

Hey all,

First time poster here! My name is Tyler and I am having a hell of a time getting Win10 to run properly. Right after I upgraded a few months ago, I was having huge problems so I did a fresh install. It worked for a while but now I'm having issues again. My start menu doesn't show up at all, just about everything I try and launch takes a considerable amount of time to do so. My games are also running really unreliably. A good example of how bad this is: It takes around a minute for me to get through the initial loading screen in WoW.

My specs are as follows:

  • Nvidia GTX 660TI
  • 16G of RAM
  • Intel i5-3570K CPU
  • 1TB HD

Any input would be immensely appreciated!



  1. Make sure you are not running on a preview build.
  2. What antivirus are you running?
  3. Is your HDD set to AHCI under BIOS?
  4. What version of Windows 10 do you have installed? (press WINkey+R and type winver)
  5. Are you running any overclocks?
  6. Are you using the latest graphics drivers?

I've seen the start menu issue before. Did you upgrade or do a clean install? Because after a while you'll start getting an error that there's currently no fix for other than re-installing Windows.

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Install CrystalDiskInfo to make sure your HDD isn't failing. Bad load times and things not working as they should can point to multiple issues. Where I work, it's 95% of the time a hard drive failing or failed.

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Thats a myth :D You can get free software to replace 90% of everything Windows does.

Although I would say that Miguel was completely not helpful XD

Regarding OP:

  • Upgrade to an SSD. Currently the cheapest way to go "wow" my computer is fast!

1) buy amd or newer nv gpu...
2) you have 1tb analog? are you serious? Analog?

I rest my case.


Is anyone here interested in solving this guy's problem or are you all just interested in a Windows/Linux pissing contest?

Well. I'll try. I'm not the most technical person, but it sounds like your computer just doesn't have enough to run Windows 10. I would just go back to what you were running. Newer does not mean better.


I did a clean install after a botched upgrade.

Gonna pick up a decent SSD soon.

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you do know that analog refers to tapes? With PCM

  1. No preview build.
  2. Sophos.
  3. It is.
  4. 10.0
  5. No OC's
  6. Yep.

I think a new SSD and maybe a CPU and/or GPU upgrade are necessary. Thanks for the help!

Yeah, I do. I didn't use werds correctly :P



should at least be version 1511 - build 10586.14

if it isnt this make sure windows is activated.

You should have done what I did. You all should have done what I did. Clone your Windows 7 or 8 partition, upgrade to W10 on one of them, clean install after upgrade and dual boot. In case Microsoft decided to fuck with W10 (and they do) you can just keep using your good old Windows that actually works. I'm still using W7 and I occasionally check W10 to see what's up. I don't plan on using it for anything other than Dx12 games.

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Try the SSD first. I have the same build but with the 3770k and an SSD and haven't had any notable problems.


i've noticed that i lost 5fps in tomb raider 2013 when i upgraded to wn10 from win7 i don't know why either.

Guys, This is a windows thread. IN THE WINDOWS SUBFORUM. If you want to talk about Linux please do so in the linux subforum, Or better yet, In a thread that is relevant.

Have you tried applying the privacy patches on the OS that stop Windows from phoning home? If you have a troublesome internet connection, that thing's a killer.

During the initial setup, turn everything off, and if you're talking about a desktop system, you can block about 5 dozen addresses in the router so Windows will be crippled. If it can't reach its proper hosts it won't cause you as much problems.

Other than that, I don't work much on Windows, I don't use an A/V, I use AdBlockers for 97% of the web, and cookie/tracking blockers/managers.

I've got a fiber connection here, so internet is amazing. I'll give a look at everything else you said though for sure. Thanks!

That's definitely a good idea that I am going to try. Thanks!