Windows 10 Technical Preview issue (no import pictures and videos)

Hello, I recently build a work pc for my parents (4790k, 8GB ddr3 and OCZ 240GB SSD (I want the PC to be able to handle crap for the next 10-15 years without upgrades)) and it is running Windows 10 technical preview. Everything is ok except the fact that the plug and play menu is missing the Import Pictures and Videos button and instead just lets us browse files, this would be ok if it was my desktop because I know the file explorer like the back of my hand but my dad has been using the import function since vista and has his head explode whenever he has to use file explorer. I know the function exist in Windows 10 because I see it on my Windows 10 build and I have seen photos of the button being in it's respective place on the internet in Windows 10. The device we use is Standard 16GB SD Card and when we plug the camera directly into the pc through USB2.0 we get the same problem as the SD card.