Windows 10 technical preview is live

If anyone is interested in trying out the Windows 10 technical preview it is available now at: .

I'm downloading it now and will probably first try it out on a virtual machine.

Putting it on my Surface Pro.

Downloading it now. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it yet.

I'm not sure if I like the new start menu. It still looks too much like Metro to me.

Had it installed on a spare machine for about 3 hours (that I usually only test linux and package updates) and so far it's been smooth sailing.

It installed pretty quickly (was using a USB 3.0 drive to an SSD) and quickly figured itself out. Got network, basic GPU, sound drivers all working by itself pretty quickly.

I am glad you can remove the App Icons pinned within the start menu by default. However I would like to see the search icon and "Task View" icon be removable or at least moveable to the right side of the task bar.

Quite like that they've integrated a feedback application for this test version.

Going to have a really good poke around in it now and see what is what.

Anyone got initial thoughts?

Definitely going to grab this and give it a try. Looks very promising

I'm going to try it with my Dell Venue 8 Pro right now. I'll post my experiences with it on this thread.

Smooth sailing. No crashes or no explosions yet ;)

I want to download it but that requires me making a Microsoft account.  Nah. That ain't me.

when do you get hit with the pay  wall?

You are also required one to sign in on the OS, so yea....

Downloading it now, going to run it as a vm on windows mint 17 under virtual box and see how it compares to windows 7. I never did make the jump to windows 8, so i'm curious if there are going to be ui/ux issues that windows 8 presented for desktop and power users regarding metro. Once i've finished downloading, set up the vm and tested it for a while i'll see where I stand regarding Microsoft's new OS.

From my Experience so Far, its Really Good. its TOO Desktop friendly, which is not bad but seeing as how i'm using a 8 inch Windows tablet to type this, They got a rid of the tablet experience to the point where its Tedious to do certain things. For example Windows needs to detect that when i Click a Textbox they keyboard needs to open up, i dont like having to click the textbox, click the keyboard button on the bottom of the screen, type what i must say and close the touch keyboard myself. there should be a setting to turn this on (For touch Users) and to Turn it off (For Laptop and Desktop Users) other than those minor things so far the experience is great. Just its not as Tablet Friendly as before. Which i guess is Debateable for Someone who uses touch, to someone who uses the Desktop.


This link should work without an accout:

Also, you actually use Windows 10 without an account. I think you need to choose "offline mode" or something during the install.

I read article somewhere saying it would work until April, but I forget where I saw it. The release isn't until mid 2015 so I would expect this preview will be available for a while.

Also for tablet users if you right click the bottom task bar and click start menu you can choose if you wish to use the Start Screen or Start Menu, which is Really nice.

You can check my post for my impressions

Overall I am really enjoying it and I cannot wait for the actual product to release

Ah, doesn't really matter to me. As I already had one from the Win 8 Developer preview.

Thanks for the link GeneralEquilibrium