Windows 10 taskbar icons blinking

Every few minutes, the icons pinned on my task bar will randomly blink 3-5 times. I tried searching on google, but all I could find from Microsoft references some issue with Windows 7. Anyone know what this is?

My best guess is explorer.exe might be crashing and restarting. That's the thing that puts the task bar on your screen, as well as desktop icons. Why it crashes, I don't know. Not enough information to tell you why or if this is really the cause.
If it is explorer.exe having a problem, you should be able to find more information about it by looking in Event Viewer.

Usually its app alerts . Sometimes its a performance problem. is that legit copy or pirated?

Yeah, I don't think it's app alerts. Perhaps blinking wasnt the right word to describe it. It's like they go away for a split second and then come back up.

It's a legitimate copy. Bough as Windows 8 in 2013 and upgraded to Windows 10 last summer.