Windows 10 System excessive data usage

I don't use windows as a rule, but one of the laptops in my collection has a Windows 10 setup. Due to the backport of the privacy features on Windows 7 and 8 I decided to leave it on ten and just learn the O/S enough to block all the nasty features.

My concern is I had the laptop up and running for 2-3 weeks now from a fresh Windows install and in the data usage section The Windows System has used approximately 100GB of data.

Since the Windows 10 machine came onto the network I noticed my Wi-fi speed comes to a halt. I can't stream or even copy data over the network when the windows 10 machine is connected.

Is there any other WIndows 10 users with a bit more technical knowledge that could assist me on how to block the machine from using the internet except for specific apps like firefox etc.

basically ms uploads updates from your pc.

@anon5205053 is probably spot on. Click Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered > TURN IT OFF

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MS just needs 90% of your bandwidth to upload video and audio along with keyboard/mouse/browsing data. Its ok, the corporation is the good guys, praise their holiness!



Indeed. This was an asinine move on Microsoft's part. Some people have bandwidth caps. This is taken care of in an enterprise environment with SUS. It's nice that they introduced this feature to the local network, but to automatically use your bandwidth by default in order to save Microsoft's bandwidth is complete BS. The whole "use my PC as an update server" for random PCs on the internet is insanely stupid. This will fail. This will eventually get hacked, I can almost guarantee it.

Generally I stick up for MS on these forums but wow, just wow.

Ok well I guess I can give the OP a tip, in the process/system/task manager you can view ALL processes on the system and also view their NETWORK usage. This will allow you to track down what process is eating data.

If its a specific service from MS doing it then yeah I guess they are just raping your connection which is probably something they mention can do in their EULA or whatever they use to void any privacy rights you have.