Windows 10 start menu is weird looking

Bought a PC from Origin PC, my start menu looks really different from my old laptop running windows 10. Anyone got any idea what it could be? A setting i overlooked?

That is the start menu from the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

hmm try resetting your theme or playing with the dpi.

That is strange...

It's like 100px too large to the right / left. I see what you are saying...

if you had just removed all the live tiles and haven't restarted, then maybe that will fix it...

really? This menu is from the Anniversary update? it's horrible lol

So no more living tiles?

hover over the right wall and pull it closer. also right clicking the start button has the options you need.

If you're asking if the Annv. Update did away with live tiles -- nah they're still there by default.

If you were asking OP if that's what his concern was - then disregard this. :) :)

They trashed the tiles. If you hate it that much, pick up Classic Shell - A Start Menu Replacement. I would mention Customatic, but they kinda just refunded the kickstarter pledges because the misjudged how much time it would take to support all windows 10 builds (which is crazy of them.)

It's more or less the same as the last Windows 10 version, the programs folder is just more accessible rather than one layer below a UI.

anyone know how to change the start menu back to Pre-Anniversary update? i really liked that one better

Why do they not just add a windows 7 style start menu option? Additionally can we please get rid of all the hideous settings menus and just use the actual control panel windows that actually have functionality?

I'll put Classic Shell on my win 10 install.
I would also like to mention that i spent 3 weeks fiddling with win 10 to get in working the way i wonted, I also spent the same amount of time getting Linux mint right.

Come the the Linux side i know you wont to

downloaded Classic Shell, it's pretty awesome! anyone got tips on how to make taskbar icons highlight like windows 8.1?