Windows 10 spyware being pushed to windows 7 & 8

So, If what I said in the title is true, will simply disabling windows auto updates prevent this?

Below is how my updating curently is;

Personally.......I would just turn off automatic updates all together (not even let it check for updates), if you pay attention to the tech news you will know when there is a problem and can selectively add that update to your system if you choose, the problem is that at some point MS is going to make it mandatory for you to take the spyware to get any other security update/patch when this happens you will be at a crossroads where you will have to decide your fate and future using Windows of any flavor. There is always the likely chance that once you take the spyware on a Win 7 or 8 system that you will loose control over what updates you can receive and MS taking full control over the process like Win X is.

IMHO the best situation is to just turn it off totally thus limiting your risk, I only run Win 7 and will never take another update from MS because I do not trust them, they have proven to me by pushing out the same spyware that Win X uses to Win 8-7 that they have a agenda and it's not something I want or need to participate in.

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disable auto update will indeed prevent it.
However, you probably allready have them on your system, if you had auto update enabled before.

Check if these updates are allready on your system.



when i saw that Microsoft was doing this it was the final straw for me, i had been wanting to switch to linux and this was all the motivation i needed. instead of avoiding certain updates (that are already installed btw and i have to remove), editing the registry, setting up filtering on my router to block stuff, and all the other work i would have to do just to keep Microsoft out, it just seems easier in the long run to learn and switch to linux. i have been on it for about 2 weeks and i have to say i am really liking it. i use windows 7 at my work and i find it tedious and annoying to use. lucky i am an admin at my place of work so i can freely uninstall and hide updates.

BTW uninstalling these updates (on my work W7 laptop) made my computer hang up on reboot and i had to power it off manually then reboot. it took 2-3 reboots like that to remove them all. then dont forget to hide them.

if your trust is gone then you need to find it somewhere else, look to open source (if you can)

PS, we use lenovo at my work and man, they are terrible. they do install lenovo bloatware from clean installs of windows (code in bios if i remember correctly) and if you uninstall it, it comes back on the next reboot. its a real pain it the arse... get off windows and away from lenovo (they also had that superfish crap)

LOL....well, I moved to Linux back in March, I had a little insider knowledge of what was going to happen with Win X and was advised to make a plan to move off their platform which I did, I still run Win 7 in a KVM on top of Linux but it has never had updates turned on and never will, I don't have antivirus or firewall software on it either because right after doing a clean install in the VM I took a snap shot and saved that to one of our servers, if it gets corrupted the VM will get deleted and a new one created using the snap shot.

The thing is if what I was told about Win X is all totally true (every aspect) then we have yet to see everything unfold and there are bigger surprises yet to be discovered, some of what I was told has indeed come true but other aspects have as of now not, but it's early in the life of the OS and the way MS is applying updates new features can be added on the fly,

But ......yeah, I took my own advice before I offered it to others. lol

only advice i can give to people who have windows 7 or 8.1 installed.
Just change the auto update settings to manual.
And just google every KB update what they are exaly doing.
Wenn KB updates get rolled out by MS, after a few days you will be able to find more info about what they are exaly doing.

Next to that only install important security updates.
But i would still recommend to look for information about them firstly aswell before installing.


Recently, my computer has started waking itself up from sleep again. Why? Being connected to the internet. My upgrade from 7 to Win10 update got a notification from Micro$oft that it's ready and I can upgrade. This actually turned automatic updates BACK ON and every time I put it to sleep it wakes up after10 minutes even after I turned auto updates back off. The solution was to set my network adapter to not be able to wake my PC, meaning that Micro$oft was essentially telling my computer to wake up. Tenacious bastards.

Even when I was using windows I always turned off the auto update garbage.
Just ignore it all I say. Only used it for gaming anyway.
Now I don't even use it.

I will have a look although i imagine im stuck with them now...

Dam it, After watching a bit of the latest Tek episode it looks like i now have to delete the windows 10 download off of my machine...