Windows 10 shutdown / restart taking long time


recently I got a Dell Latitude e7440 ultrabook in my hands to fix.
The problem here is, that restart or reboot is taking “very long” time.
It runs W10x64 build 1803 installed on Samsung 860 pro SSD.

I have replicated the issue, and in fact, it takes ~3-5 minutes to shutdown or restart from idle state. Interestingly, sometimes it takes only 30 seconds.

None of them proved to be helpful.

My current suspect is fact, that computer is connected to no longer existing domain, which I do not know how to confirm. I could theoretically disconnect the pc from domain. But that is supposed to make users data inaccessible.

Is there any way of finding out, what is causing the lengthy shutdowns? (For example windows logs? I do not know what to look for though.)

Please ask for more details if needed.

Right click This PC > Properties

Not necessarily, but you will need to make a local profile. They cannot continue to use the domain profile. I doubt this is the root cause of the slow shutdown unless there is some funky GPO going on. Check how much unnecessary stuff is enabled in the startup tab of the task manager first. If there isnt much you could try and make a local profile and see if the problem still exists. If it does there is probably some service causing the hang.

A couple of things to also try would be using msconfig to view non essential services by going to the services tab and checking the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’, or just using the general tab to choose a Normal/Diagnostic startup, then shut down to time it.

Hello Adubs,

I know for sure, that the computer is part of non existing domain. What I cannot verify is, whether it’s the culprit of slow shutdown / reboots. Additionaly the behaviour is very same even without logging in, thus from windows Login screen.

Is there any way to fully migrate domain to local user? Most (actually all) the tutorials I’ve seen suggest to copy paste / move over the whole profile C:/Users/domain_user/* to C:/Users/local_user/*

Just reinstall and setup with a local account.

So thats something. There might be some goofy GPO stuff going on there.

I would just create a new local account. Log into it, and move required files over. Merging the user folder for one user into another is one way to do it.

On second thought they might be a local profile already. Right click ‘This PC’ > Properties > User Profile Settings > Type. If it says local then you should just be able to put the machine back on the workgroup and be done with it.

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