Windows 10 's' worries me a little

Microsoft store apps only with win32 applications disabled

This is not a good thing, okay at this level hardware its purely a chromebook alternative BUT as soon as you start seeing windows 10 s on desktop builds (if the price is right to OEM's then eventually it will happen... ) then its everything Steam feared come true and then gaming will be full steam ahead on linux / vulcan.

Am I overreacting or is this a really bad sign of things to come?


Could go either way right now, but I would put money on the eventuality you think happening.

Eventually phase out standard desktop build in favour of this one, people who need the full functionality can pay for enterprise.


Why on earth if it's win32/64 capable would they disable that? Or is this for ARM chips?
It's idiotic, like cripping the one useful feature for the one useless one. MS is really trying hard to push their trash app store if this is to be believed and apparently ignoring all logic to achieve that.


Because this isn't meant to compete with Home, Pro, or enterprise windows. This is Microsoft's attempt to try to cease google taking over the education sector.

I assume this will be run on systems like the HP Stream line, cheap, not a lot of storage, and a low end intel processor without need of active cooling.


I have just seen this on Reddit. Win 10 S comes with their "new" surface pro laptop. 4GB RAM, dual-core i5, 128GB SSD for 1000$. According to all the youtube comments you can upgrade it to Pro version for free. But i wonder for long that will stay true.

Lol fucking nope.

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Ya........... the sign is written on the wall. Last bit of news was something like moving Edge to the store.

And it no regular desktop applications on top of that insane price. I guess not having a feature is now a feature.


M$ doesn't want to make the same mistake that Google does, by cluttering up the OS with a bunch of bloatware. With Windoz S, you get to pay for only those apps that you actually need. ; )

It's a brilliant strategy!

The business world is moving to an all cloud environment anyway. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for a job when that happens since I live nowhere near where a 'cloud' would be.

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If companies like Adobe among others start moving their full applications to UWP, then it's a possibility.

I can't imagine that happening anytime soon, and Valve is against moves like this from MS, so it's very unlikely Valve will hop on the bandwagon. And if Valve doesn't, gamers won't.

But hell, if that happens, I'ts time for Linux full-time.


I still live pretty much cloud storage free since my internet speeds are so terrible.

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i believe the pro upgrade costs $50USD

Don't worry. It'll flop just like RT did because it still carries the "windows" name and people associate that with being able to install their x86 .exe's packages from anywhere.


^^ This is precisely the problem. Ontop of that insane asking price.


Holy overpricing batman!


Implying it's not already on OEM desktops ... ?

50$ actually.

You're not seeing that this isn't meant for gamers. Also upgradability.


well that's the one point I don't really get either. How do they want to compete with chromebooks for 200$ ... ? Even with education bonus (which I guess will be a thing), there's no way this will cost just 200$ for students.

I get the point of this version though. They want a streamlined platform that can be managed from the network. This is supposed to be used in schools remember (on school PCs or students' laptops). Schools don't want people to install random crap on their machines and compromise the network. And if people leave school they can continue to use that thing with an upgrade to Pro (btw has there been a notion of upgrade to home?). I mean honestly who uses ChromeOS outside school for "real" work?

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It's just you, basically

Well let's all remember the google chromebook pixel. Starting asking price hovered just above $1,000