Windows 10 privacy policy

seriously these privacy polices are getting out of hand, why dont they just start calling them there-is-no-privacy-policies

has anyone taken a look at the latest?

For example, when you:

  • install the Program, we may collect information about your device and applications and use it for purposes such as determining or improving compatibility;

  • use voice input features, such as speech-to-text, we may collect voice information and use it for purposes such as improving speech processing;

  • open a file, we may collect information about the file, the application used to open the file and how long it takes and use it for purposes such as improving performance; or

  • enter text, we may collect typed characters and use them for purposes such as improving auto-complete and spell check features.

They would all be good things and I would be fine with them all if improving was all they had in mind.

Well, such a policies just makes people think if they want original software paying for losing privacy or maybe fuk all and go with pirated version. Registering their OS suppose to prevent piracy, but can anyone explain to me why would i care about THEIR problems with pirates (money) and do anything FOR THEM in that mater if i payed for the "full/ready to use" product ?

People should just vote with their wallets & choose a different service. Be it then an OS or an app.

Yet another one of these posts.


This is a technical preview. Microsoft warns you of this procedure when you sign up for the preview. Microsoft tells you not to use this for a daily driver OS. 

This OS is ONLY for testing and finding bugs. So of course they are going to collect information about it. It's the entire point of the technical preview. They need to do this because users like yourself will not send data about every app used. Users like you just want the newest OS. 

If you were really wanting to help with the development, it would come as no surprise to you that this is how ALL technical previews work.

Why would you install this technical preview as your default OS and expect privacy?

Yep, it's just technical preview but looking on any privacy policies served by corporations i don't think that typical user agreement in next few years will be very different from the quotes in this post.

Maybe i am just too pessimistic...

There's been spying going on for years. Give it to a technical preview to have people complain about it, hah.

i'm sure if we take a look at the windows 7 or 8 privacy policy not much will be better. im about ready to run linux full time and have a virtual windows system for adobe and other junk that only works on windows

and really... can you really explain this?

  • enter text, we may collect typed characters and use them for purposes such as improving auto-complete and spell check features.


Yes. It improves the auto spell-check that will be in windows 10. It will autocorrect ALL of the text you use in the OS, from searches, to notepad. All using one large dictionary.

Google does the same thing when you use their services. They aren't collecting your documents, just collecting information for dictionary and grammatical purposes, basically.

Again. It's a technical preview. It's to test bugs. Don't think of it any differently than going into Microsofts headquarters and using the OS while someone watches you, taking notes, on how to make it better.

That's its purpose. 

+1 to phantom. although I must confess I use it daily, but only for gaming. If that makes MS speed up load times with steam/games and realises the first thing I do when I install windows is to default another browser, that also could help.

For general stuff, I'll keep using linux, but it's nice to see windows boot in 3 seconds from GRUB. Now I can dual boot whenever I feel like playing warframe, shadow of mordor or the new Alien Isolation (WOOT!). shutdown procedure in mint 17 is quite fast and it's around 15-20 sec of downtime between either OS's desktop. If it keeps that way, I'll be happy to stop tinkering with wine every time a new game comes out and just reboot to play

install the preview and have windows code infect your UEFI bios, forever.

Does that hat get warm during the summer months?

It actually provides warmth during the winter. ;)

Its a tech preview? They even said to not use the OS as a DD?