Windows 10 Power Plan Bug for 5950x?

It shouldn’t no. That’s the part where AMD messed up. The frequency scaling is agressive for what are minor loads.

Not to bump a dead thread… but I’m seeing high IDLE temps in windows 10 with my 5950x…
I thought it might have been a temperature sensor issue but im not so sure now…

Everything appears to be fine in linux (KDE Neon - ubuntu 20.x). I can blast it with any kind of heavily threaded workload or stress test for 30 minutes at a time and the temps never really get above 80C with a ~4.6 mhz all core boost. (bios settings only)
Linux Idles between 30-35 C which is much more expected.

With windows 10 Pro N Just booting up and going afk will yield 40-60C temps… and the reservoir temps actually slowly rise… so it doesn’t really seem like just micro spikes on a single core…

If you aren’t using the AMD specific power plans from AMD’s site I would strongly suggest installing them, using AMD’s driver pack.

I noticed a 5-10% uplift in performance using AMD provided performance plan vs. the stock Windows plans on both Zen+ and Zen2. I’d expect Zen3 to be no different.

Windows 10 doesn’t really finish booting and settle down until at least 15-20 minutes after logging into the desktop generally.

It even delays startup of a bunch of services deliberately until after desktop login to appear to boot faster, and things like Windows update, defender scans, telemetry reports, etc. will kick off in the background as well.

There’s a heap of stuff going on in Windows when “idle” that Linux just doesn’t do.