Windows 10 Nvidia Drivers

I've been holding off on getting Windows 10 because of the shitty Nvidia drivers that were out when it released. Does anybody know if these have been fixed? I'm running a GTX 680 in case that's important.

hold off windows ten is buggy, like my sound buggs out and wont let me switch outputs.

I've personally decided to wait all the way until Dx12 games are a thing, I suggest the same after watching this train wreck.

I'm probably the exception rather than the rule, but other than a couple of driver crashes the Nvida drivers have been solid in Windows 10 for me. During the insider preview, before I got my 980, I had a lot of issues with this Intel graphics drivers though.

no problems for me with the latest drivers - gtx980 + windows 10

mind running this demo then? (dx12 tests)

will download now, bare with me - shit adsl speeds ~ 30mins for 1gb.

my cousin's mic went from fine...... to horridly static and shitty right after the Windows 10 update. Messed with his mic settings... and yeah.. nothing.

ran it just then, sweet as. No problems at all.

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I did have a lot of issues with sound during the Tech Preview. Didn't matter if it was a DX PCIe, onboard or the Mayflower O2 DAC. It simply kept cutting out or just not working especially if you tried to change the default 16bit sample rate. Since 10240 RTM those issues have stopped. So maybe have a search for some fixes or maybe a clean upgrade/install. Pain I know.

As above that DX12 demo works fine on my Z77, I5 3570K, 980 Ti setup.

This runs fine on my Z97, I7 4790K, 780 Lightning setup

@jackiechamp the Windows 10 NVidia Drivers have been fixed now and Windows 10 won't force them if you have version 353.62 or higher installed now.

The Windows Update drivers were a basic get you on your feet driver which meant you couldn't have more than 1 screen.

They also rolled out some updates today so this is the first main update since Windows 10's launch.

Windows 10 with an i7 4790k and gtx 780 OC'd and zero issues. Been playing Talos principle, WoW, Team Fortress 2, and a little Deus Ex HR.

Same card, same results for me as well. I have been running Windows 10 since the 29th with no issues.

I'm running a Gtx 770 4gb which is the same chip as the Gtx 680 with faster ram, and the latest Nvidia driver has made the OS run seamlessly for me. None of the games in my library have had problems so far.

I have a 970 and there's no problems

I'm having an issue. I have a 3770k and GTX 970 SLI. Dynamic Super Resolution no longer works since I upgraded to Windows 10. Curious to see if anyone has DSR working on their rig with W10?

It's been working for me with my 4690k and gtx980 on Windows 10 with the latest drivers.