Windows 10 Networking - Sharing internet connection with two Ethernet ports?

Hi all,
first of all this is my first post here, so if I’m doing something wrong, please let me know :slight_smile:

I have a Windows 10 PC that connects to a wifi router that’s pretty far (it’s in another building). That uses a special dish antenna to connect (connected to a wifi stick via rpsma). I have an ethernet port on my PC that I connect my Xbox to. I can also connect my Steam Deck via a usb c cable and it’ll connect to Windows as an Ethernet device. I’d post a link but my account is too new. It creates a Remote NDIS connection over usb c.


I can only share my internet connection with either Ethernet 2 (the physical port that my Xbox is connected to) or Ethernet 4 (the Remote NDIS port (“virtual Ethernet”) that my Steam Deck is connected via).

How can I share my internet with both of those at once?

I have tried the following:

  1. disable internet sharing
  2. click on Ethernet 2 and Ethernet 4, and create a bridge
  3. once the bridge was set up, share internet with the bridge

The result is that Ethernet 2 gets internet, but Ethernet 4 doesn’t. Ethernet 4 (the Steam Deck) doesn’t even get an IP assigned. I’m not sure why that is, feels like the whole bridge should have internet, meaning both Ethernet 2 and Ethernet 4. But maybe this has to be done in a different way completely.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Note I can’t currently buy any new hardware.


You have spent more than 1k. Usd for the two gaming consoles, wait until you can spare 15 bucks to buy a used or 30 bucks to buy a new TP-Link wifi router and use that to provide nat/routing to the remote wifi al for all your gear…


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get a cheap switch problem solved.

I was on topic, file it under the

you are overcomplicating a fairly simple situation by adding a constraint (no additional hardware)

If you are doing that for educational purposes, or just because you want to have fun, just say so, and then my answer will change to ‘use linux instead of windows 10’ but assuming you still want to keep windows 10 on your machine, you are much better off with an external WIfi router …


Ah, just noticed your nickname.
If instead the real purpose of your ‘using the windows 10 box as a middle manager for your consoles’ is to use a tracker/aimbot/anything that requires snooping the connection between the consoles and the cloud servers they’re connecting to then your ‘no router’ requirement is valid, but I’m afraid I personally will not be interested in helping you achieve a more streamlined setup for cheating while using your your consoles, sorry … :slight_smile:

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I wonder if the people in the other building know you’re using their internet to cheat in online games. I’m gonna assume not. And that makes a lot more sense why you got so defensive at the ‘get a new router’ suggestion, and why you just aren’t connecting everything directly to it anyway instead of the janky setup you’re trying to do.

i’m in “the other building” right now and have keys to it. you people are so toxic, i swear to god. holy crap. if you can’t contribute at all, take your vitriol elsewhere.

Can we try and reset the conversation to something more useful for both the OP and the community?
I know I am the one that brought up the ‘competitive enhancement’ aspect of your request, but really that is why from a technical point of view I see no point in spending your time trying to mess with what you want to do as it involves troubleshooting a windows component, and you will find a lot of people here tries to avoid dealing with windows, mostly out of bad experiences and because we have been burned time and time again by it…
Is there any reason you can’t use a wifi router?
Maybe we can work around that …

il give you a hint but not the answer… you can work it out yourself from what il say next with a little googleing.

you need to make an internal network and bridge from that.

yes this place can be rude.
but MADMATT did nothing wrong and infact gave you a hardware solution that does the same thing.
you on the other hand, havent made the best first impression.

your new here so il offer you some sound advice… CHILL OUT!. ma dude.
you asked for help.
someone took the time to read your shout out, and made an effort to give you the info you needed.
instead of saying thanks but thats not quite what i need…
you go demanding he be booted and blocked from your topic. not cool mate… especially since he’s been nothing but nice to you…

this is a forum, where people will jump in and give random replies that may or may not be relevant.
that is part and parcel for forums mate, your getting free info, not paying for specified tech support :wink:
so, yeah unwind your panties mate…
that bunch you got… is making you grumpy :slight_smile:


Bridging is the way, NAT just adds complexity for no need here. " 3. Once the bridge was set up, share internet with the bridge" what do you mean by share internet here?

The bridge device acts as a ethernet device itself, and should request a DHCP lease, broadcasting to all bridge ports to find the DHCP server.

The DHCP response should come from your router, did you check that? (e.g. Wireshark). Do you have multiple DHCP servers?

Even without the bridge getting an IP, the DHCP requests from the Steam Deck should still be forwarded, did you check that with a packet capture?

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@cheater00 of course you don´t have to agree with a given solution.
But it makes no sense to drag the discussion down to a pointless debate in regards to that.
Recommending a different solution is not particularly offtopic even if you are looking for a different kind of solution.
In the end people just try to be helpful here.

You could also have react like ¨hey cool thanks for sharing your thoughts¨,
but i´m looking for a different kind of solution¨ (for reasons xyz you name it).
Then people could either choose to help providing other options.
Or leave it to others.

@MadMatt has not been unreasonable to you in this topic as far as i can see.
So like he has already suggested just reset the discussion.
Because as far as i can tell this likely is a miss interpretation at your end @cheater00


Just getting a router is actually not a bad idea as far as i´m concerned.
Or maybe pfsense.

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