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Windows 10 Monitor Sleep

I am unable to get my monitors to go to sleep automatically. I have tried removing and re-installing GPU / chipset drivers. I rebooted the machine between each step. If I set the power button to sleep the monitors they will go to sleep when you hit the power button.

I cannot find any errors in event viewer on why they will not go to sleep. I have tried setting time out to 1minute all the way up to 1 hour. I will go to sleep for the night and monitors will still be on in the morning. Windows and all drivers are fully up to date.

Unplug all your USB devices, or put them on a hub that you can turn off when you’re done. I have an xbox gamepad, a mouse and a joystick, all of them seem to be able to give my PC insomnia.

I just have Mouse, Keyboard, and Headset. I have had these for years. Windows started acting like this when I swapped motherboards couple of times.

I was running x470 ASUS board. I returned it for a Crosshair VIII Wi-FI board. Then the front pannel USB-C port started acting up. I borrowed a Gigabyte x570 board while I wanted for the replacement Crosshair board to come in. Monitors going to sleep worked all the way up till I switched back in the new Crosshair motherboard.

Double-check that all of your front panel USB connectors are in firmly. Also check the connections at the front panel, make sure they are solid.

Anything that looks like a USB device connection will keep stuff awake.

@zlynx I have checked all USB connections. I have the power button set to put the monitors to sleep. They stay off all night long. I would think that if its a USB device, the monitors would not say off all night long.

Its probably an application keeping it awake

I think i found the problem. I believe it to be the “Plarium Play” game launcher.