Windows 10 monitor sleep while watching video is bricking the computer while still playing audio. Forced hard reboot

It is literally killing me. I'm going insane. I want to smash both my head AND my computer and I can't even decide on which should go first.

Please help me. There seems to be no way to stop it even if I'm diligently squiggling my mouse ever six seconds.

Installing near vanilla windows 7 seems to fix all issues with windows 10

Non-helpful. It's time to move on from 7.

Edit: Besides, it's already done. I've upgraded and then 'reset' the OS due to performance issues.


disable monitor sleep by clicking on notifications icon choosing all settings,system and then power and sleep.
There is another way of going in and setting the system not to sleep while playing vids, also.

I'm so sorry

you could always just reinstall windows 10, that usually fixes any issues with windows

also do you only have 1 hard drive that the OS is running off of? it might be turning it off to save power

I recommend disabling hibernation also. A quick google will lead to some guides in doing so.

Yes, only one hard drive. I already 'reinstalled' windows 10 once. It took 3 hours to get everything settled again yesterday.

Other guy: What does hibernation have to do with it?

Because in the past if one is messing up they both are. May not hold true to 10 but it is habit. You might want the hibernation function , so caution. I run windows in a specific way so i have no need for sleep states and hibernate.

What video card and what driver version? Single screen or multi?

Single screen. Nvidia GT430 2gb. I belive it's an MSI. Driver version 362.00.

You could try a newer or older driver:

*sigh * I'll let it sit for now with the 'monitor sleep' setting turned off. I'll verify function tomorrow when I try re-watching the episode of Lucifer I was on. If it doesn't work I'll try an OLDER driver since the newer ones have apparently been FULLY bricking peoples' PC's.

Other suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks guys...

They pulled the one that was bricking pc's, this one has been fine for me.

I know it's been over a year, but I now need to bump this topic since it's happening again. Only now, it's happening with the DRL simulator I use for race drone practice. And Hotprops. But Hotprops has other problems, so I don't use it.

Still the same crappy PC and everything, too.

Also, can anyone explain what the heck happened to the site? This used to be Teksyndicate and it took me literally FOREVER to find this old topic that's now on a new site? And apparently there's a sister site as well, but my profile didn't transfer to that one, and only this one, instead????????